Spare Parts & Service

When deciding on a way to package your products, choose Contour to help you.  We are experienced in a wide variety of packaging systems and consumables, we can lead you to the right type of packaging with our vast accompaniment of resources, technical back-up, support and in-house servicing all within New Zealand.

What would you do if your packaging machines stopped working today? Not every packaging supplier offers a full-time, on-site and on-call technical and spare parts department. Thankfully we do - so any time you have an issue with your machine, require parts or just need advice call us!

Your packaging line is of utmost importance to you, without packaging, how would you get your product to your valued client?

We recognise at Contour International the importance of quality packaging and presentation, so we not only supply you with a solution to package your products, we will service the packaging system and ensure it is kept running at its optimum.

When Contour Sales delivers a packaging solution to you, we offer the expertise of one of our technicians to train your personnel on the use and maintenance of your new system.  As with almost everything is life, things are changing all the time and so are your valued staff members.  For this we offer a re-training program, where a technician will come and re-train your staff on the use and maintenance of your system.

Services offered include: 
  • Standard spare part kits available on request 
  • Installation of packaging machines 
  • Service contract available on request 
  • Regular follow up calls 
  • Complete technical back-up support system 
Contact us now for all Audion Vacuum Packaging Machines Servicing and Repairs!